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Monday, June 8, 2009

It's not post mortem yet

Today the UPS truck pulled up to my office and offloaded the final seven cartons of my book, Write In Style. The rights have reverted to me; the book will officially go out of print, according to my publisher, who has taken his company in another direction.

I looked at the stack of boxes in the same way I may have looked at my father when I saw his health rapidly going downhill. I knew our time together was coming to an end, but I was not ready to bid him good-bye. So it is with my book. At least in the case of the book I have a few options to keep the book alive. I could find another publisher, or I could self-publish.

No decision must be made yet. I still have those seven cartons of books, twenty-eight copies in each carton. I'll sell the final copies on my Web site and at conferences where I speak, but when the inventory gets down to one or two cartons, I'll have to make a decision. Do I let Write In Style die a natural death, or do I revive it, and if I decide to revive it, what cure should I administer?

I'm not signing a DNR just yet; the book still lives and breathes, and I don't have to pull the plug and watch it take its final gasp. It's still a sad day, watching that pile of books struggling to live, calling out, "I'm still here; don't give up on me yet!"

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jrh68 said...

Unless I was completely well off i'd sell the whole lot or offer them to elementary schoold as right off's.