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Monday, July 20, 2009

Great Seminar Past; More Planned in Future

My seminar for Write Well University went even better than expected. The organizer said we had more people signed up for the event than any other event they had held so far. Best of all, all the attendees will get an MP3 file of the seminar, so they can listen to it again, if they wish.

It makes me feel fulfilled to give information to writers that they can put to use. It's my way of passing forward the help and information others gave to me while I clawed and scratched my way through the muck and mire of trying to make a living with words. Those who held a flashlight for me or even swept away some of the mud and showed me a path are people I could thank a million times, and the best way to thank them is to give the same help to others. That's my mission.

I have several more events coming up, including a small, private seminar in my home in August. To stay up to date on where I'm speaking, subscribe to my free newsletter for writers at The newsletter is another way I give back and "pay it forward."

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