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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who needs technology? Oh, I do.

My old cell phone grew erratic. It shut itself off, even when the battery was fully charged. Sometimes it refused to shut off. At time it would not hang up after a call. I heard the technology gods whispering that it was time to buy an iPhone.

I bowed to the altar of technology, bought an iPhone, and taught myself what I could about it. I didn’t get it going strong, though, until a (much younger) friend gave me a tutorial. Soon I was up and running, downloading apps, searching Google, adding ring tones, making videos, taking photos, adding contacts, identifying birds with an electronic field guide, answering e-mails, and oh, occasionally answering a phone call. Within two days I was mad about the device, totally hooked. I was in technology heaven--for four days.

On day four, the iPhone froze, crashed, and would not start back up. How could I call anyone? I had all my phone numbers stored on it. What if someone sent an e-mail while I was away from my computer? What kind of bird was sitting on the branch near me while I walked my dog? How could I live?

After going online with my desk computer and reading how to reboot a dead iPhone, I got the contraption going again, but it made me think. Do we own technology or does it have a hold over us? I already know the answer. Will I give up my iPhone, my computer, my electronic thermostat, my digital camera, DVR, the Internet, or even my microwave, though? No way! I can vent, but I won’t relent and go back to carbon paper, mimeographs, party lines, or any of that ancient stuff. I’m a modern woman, darn it. Meanwhile, if you need to reach me, call my office; don’t rely on reaching me on my high-tech iPhone.